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Some web sites worth a visit

Builders Composers
  • Bach Central Station
  • Kenneth Leighton
  • Jean Langlais
  • J.S. Bach Home PageHUGE site. Includes reviews of almost every Bach recording ever made.
  • Musique & Musiciens
    This site contains a composers database containing many Canadian and French-Canadian composers. The site also contains catalogues of works by great composers. Although these two sections are mainly in French, they are easy to read and follow.
    The large section of the site is dedicated to organs and organists in Québec and in Canada. There are references to builders (Casavant, Wolff, Wilhelm, Guilbault-Thérien, Juget, Létourneau, etc.) to instruments (modern and historical), to organists, to associations, to recordings, etc.
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If you have found a web site which you think should be listed here, please let us know. The site should have material pertaining to classical organ music or organs. In addition to the URL, please provide us with a brief description of the site, or alternatively we can contact the site administrator for details.

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