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- last updated May 3, 1998 -

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If you have any information which you would like to share with the organ community, please email us
APPEAL! - Many people have asked us for information in tracing past organists. We are considering devoting part of the site to such requests if there is a demand for the service. Let us know what you think. Would such a service be of use? It would be planned to publish requests on the internet, so that anyone with information could respond to them. We welcome your input in this matter.

All the latest happenings at the RSBO shall be documented here, along with any major developments on the UK Organ scene.
  • New layout for web site -3/5/'98
    The web site layout has been updated; We realise that not all browsers are capable of displaying frames - please let us know if you have a problem and we will consider retaining the 'no-frames' version
  • Recital Page Updated -23/4/'98
    The Recital Page now contains an up to date list of recitals of note around the UK
  • Correction to Recital Page - 1/4/'98
    Apologies to all regarding some misinformation on the concerts page with regard to the St. Barnabas recital series. These errors have since been corrected
  • RCO Web Page Launched - 10/3/'98
    The Royal College of Organists have just launched their new web page which can be viewed at Unfortunately the server is a little slow, but it is well worth the wait - It is a very informative web site.
  • RSBO Recital Page updated - 8/3/'98
    The recitals page at the RSBO web site has been updated. It includes a new series of recitals at St. Barnabas Church, as well as the updated recitals list for March and April
  • Update to Links Page
    The RSBO Links page has been updated. We now have several links to many interesting sites on the internet. If you have any site submissions please let us know.
  • RSBO Mailing List Launched
    The RSBO has started a news mailing list. A mailshot will be sent out at least once per fortnight to all subscribers via email. If you wish to become a member of this mailing list, simply fill in this form. Any changes to this page will be detailed along with the latest news.
  • The RSBO Organ
    The Organ, to be installed in the Whitfied-Gray room, has been ordered from N.P Mander ltd., London It is to be a three manual, electric action organ and full details can be found in the section entitled The Organ. We will keep you up to date on its progress.

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