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Upcoming Concerts

Concerts recomended by the RSBO

On this page, we will publish the details of upcoming recitals of note in the UK.


  • 23rd
    Ian Hogg
    1.10pm; St. Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh
  • 25th
    Michael Bell
    7.30pm; URC, Bexleyheath
  • 26th
    Malcolm Russell
    12 noon; St. Michael's Framlingham
  • 30th
    Michael Harris
    1.10pm; St. Giles Cathedral, Edingurgh


  • 1st
    Neil Cockburn
    1.00pm; Great Grimsby Parish Church
  • 2nd
    David Titterington
    7.30pm; Mayfield Parish Church, East Sussex
  • 4th
    Richard Hobson
    1.10pm; Grosvenor Chapel, South Audely St., London W1
  • 5th
    Malcolm Russell
    1.10pm; Grosvenor Chapel, South Audely St., London W1
  • 6th
    John Hosking
    Music by Brewer, Bach Stanley and Vierne 1.15pm; The Temple Church
  • 9th
    Simon Holt
    4.00pm; Clifton Cathedral, Bristol
  • 10th
    David Titterington
    4.00pm; Oakham School Chapel
    John Hosking
    Music by Brewer, Howells, Bach, Scheidemann, and Guilmant 5.45pm; Westminster Abbey
  • 12th
    Susan Heath Downey
    1.05pm; St Magnus the Martyr, Lower Thames St., London EC3
    Anne Page
    7.30pm; Sheffield Cathedral
  • 13th
    Trevor Slater
    1.15pm; Fishergate Baptist Church, Preston
  • 16th
    Johnathan Holl
    11.45am; St. Michael and All Angels, Brighton
    John Scott
    7.30pm; Grosvenor Chapel, South Audley St., London W1
    Dame Gillian Weir
    8.00pm; Chelmsford Cathedral
  • 17th
    Alison Baker
    3.00pm; St. Peter's, Bocking, Essex
    Dame Gillian Weir
    8.00pm; Haileybury School Hertfordshire
  • 19th
    Paul Dean
    8.00pm; St. Michael's Church, Highgate, London
  • 20th
    Michael Bell
    7.30pm; St. Thomas, Douglas, IoM
  • 21st
    Alison Baker
    1.00pm; All Saints, Morehampton
  • 23rd
    Mark Kindley
    11.30am; Crighton Memorial Chapel, Dumfries
    Carlo Curley
    7.30pm; Chingford Parish Church, Chingford, Essex.
  • 24th
    Michael Phillips
    2.30pm; Brangwun Hall, Swansea
  • 28th
    Michael Harris
    1.10pm; St. Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh
  • 30th
    Simon Bell, FRCO
    4.00 pm; St Cuthbert's Church, Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire
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  • 13th
    Three Organs Concert
    Mark Pybus, Martin Schellenberg and Ian Ball battle it out on three organs; Clifton Cathedral organ, a Makin electronic and digital keyboard. Who will win? Come and find out.
    7.30pm; Clifton Cathedral, Bristol


  • 11th
    Simon Ball
    4.00pm; Cliftom Cathedral, Bristol
  • 25th
    Jeff Makinson
    4.00pm; Clifton Cathedral, Bristol


  • 18th
    John Hosking
    6.30pm; Westminster Abbey


  • 5th
    Tim Lambert
    4.00pm; Clifton Cathedral, Bristol
  • 19th
    Alistair Mackenzie
    4.00pm; Clifton Cathedral, Bristol


  • 31st
    25th Anniversary Organ Recital
    1998 is the 25th Anniversary of Clifton Cathedral. This recital will be given by the Cathedral Organist, Ian Ball, on the famous Rieger organ of the Cathedral
    7.45pn; Clifton Cathedral, Bristol

If you know of a recital which we have not listed here, please supply details via this form so that we can keep you all informed. When contacting us, please provide the following details at least:
  • Name of the Performer
  • Venue and time of the performance
  • The recital programme, or at the very least a description of the eras/composers to be covered during the recital

Sir Xavier Q. Pouncey,

Last Update: 28 April 1998
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